Kona Bar

kona bar premium chocolate logoWhat if you combined Kona coffee with Belgian chocolate? Sounds good. How about if you added macadamias? Or whole raspberries? Or Tahitian vanilla? Sounds No Ka Oi (the best)!!

We are very proud to supply the Kona coffee and macadamia nuts for this outstanding chocolate bar.  Crafted by a mainland chocolatier with the finest possible ingredients, the taste will absolutely wow you. Each bar is 2 oz and contains 100% Kona from us!

There are six different flavors.  For a fuller description of each flavor, look here

Kona Bar with milk chocolate (35% cocoa)

Kona Bar Macadamia Nut
Kona Bar Passionfruit (lilikoi)
Kona Bar Pure Tahitian Vanilla

Kona Bar with  dark chocolate (60% cocoa)

Kona Bar Natural Raspberry
Kona Bar Toasted Coconut
Kona Bar Hibiscus Flower

So good it “broke da mouth”

raspberry and kona coffee chocolate bar