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If you have visited the farm, you know that Diane makes some outrageously good jellies. A number of you have been ordering them “off the menu” for years.  These are great gifts, and are packaged in mason jars covered in aloha print fabric and wrapped in raffia.

Lilikoi Butter
The queen of all curds.  Made from the tart/sweet lilikoi fruit.  Also known as passionfruit, visitors wax eloquent about the exotic flavor that is found everywhere in Hawaii.  Our butter is made from lilikoi juice, organic butter, organic sugar and organic eggs.

Lilikoi Syrup
Just a lilikoi juice and sugar reduction.  Yes, it’s great on pancakes, but please don’t stop there.  Lilikoi cheesecake, lilikoi bars (with mac nut shortbread crust), lilikoi iced tea, or lemonade.  Or try a chiffon pie, tarts, or even just the syrup drizzled on ice cream. For the adults, you can’t go wrong with a lilikoi margarita or ‘tini.

Jaboticaba Jelly
Also known as the Brazilian grape, the fruit grows right on the branch of the tree and has a Seussian appearance. This absolute favorite of our former B&B guests is a must try. Pronounced “ja bo tee caw ba”. Made from jabo juice and organic sugar.

Hawaiian Pepper Jelly
A classic winter jelly made with Hawaiian chili peppers.  The taste is only mildly hot.  Spread it with cream cheese on crackers, baste a chicken with it, or put it in a sandwich.  The plants are also known as boonie peppers or bird peppers, and are known to pop up in random places as birds love to eat them and spread seeds around the farm.  Made with chili peppers, organic sugar, apple cider vinegar and minced bell pepper.

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Lilikoi Butter 4oz., Lilikoi Butter 8oz., Jaboticaba Jelly 8oz., Jaboticaba Jelly 4oz., Lychee Jelly 8oz., Lilikoi Syrup 8oz.

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