Green Kona Coffee

2023 New Crop is here!

We’re roasters too. Every day we taste the coffee and compare it to the last roast. We ponder on how to improve the beans, from the tree through to the cup. We live this stuff. So we understand that you are looking for something special.  And with a Direct Trade relationship, to boot.

Our green beans are graded and sized according to Hawaii Department of Ag standards. They are stored in hermetic Grainpro bags at a stable temperature until the time of shipment.  They are hand-picked and sun-dried.  In addition, they come with Suzanne, our in-house roaster, who is happy to assist with profiling or answer questions about the farm.

Lions Gate is proud to supply green Kona coffee to multiple well-known roasters and co-ops. We are equally proud of all the home roasters who wake up to our coffee every morning.

To see more information on the Kona Extra Fancy through Peaberry green coffee grades, check here.

Wholesale pricing and shipping will automatically be reflected in the shopping cart for orders of 15 lbs or more. Contact us for orders over 100 lbs, or for international shipping and customs requirements.

Basic Kona Roast Profile

Because of our altitude as a region, green Kona has a lower density than most other beans. We recommend starting at a medium heat to avoid scorching and a longer taper at the finish.  Many people feel that a City+ roast will allow more of the Kona varietal flavor to shine through but we know plenty of people who love the Full City taste.  If you go dark, stop a little earlier than you might with a high mountain coffee.

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