Bulk Macadamia Nuts

Direct from Hawaii and packed for bakers, chocolatiers, restaurants or just the home consumer or raw foodie who uses a lot of macadamias. Pricing here is for Style 1 Wholes and Style 6 Medium Chips. Medium Chips are lightly roasted by default.

Dry roast, no added oils to boost weight.  Just pure nut.

Our Raw Macadamias are dehydrated for two weeks prior to cracking.  This leaves them with a low moisture content and high crunch factor.  They are suitable for both baking or eating.

Roasted macs are crunchier and sweeter. Still dehydrated at a low temp (below 170 so technically still “raw” for foodies), no oil is used in the roasting.  They are preferred over raw for chocolatiers or finished products.  If salted, they are lightly covered in Hawaiian sea salt.

Care and Handling

Macadamias are a very moist nut.  We recommend refrigeration or resealing of all bulk nuts upon opening as they will absorb moisture quite readily, causing them to potentially lose their crunch. Our 8 lb bulk bags have a zip seal for this purpose. Nuts can be dehydrated again in an oven for several hours at 170ºF or lower if they lose their crunch.  Unsalted, and properly stored (frozen or vac-packed), they have a shelf life of one year or more. Macadamia nuts store well in a freezer or walk-in cooler.


Shipping is typically done by Fedex Second Day Air on 25 lb bulk boxes. USPS Flat Rate on 8 lb Bulk Bags.  Shipping price is estimated on Bulk Boxes.  Actual shipping charge may be slightly lower or higher depending on residential versus commercial delivery location.


If you find us out of stock, contact us or call 808-989-4883.  We can tell you when it will be back in stock or put you on our “next crack” list.

Allergen info

Macs are a Tree Nut. The mac nut milling and packaging is done in a stand-alone facility that handles no other nuts, dairy, wheat or soy products. No oils are added to the nuts at any stage in processing.

100% Hawaii Grown

Not all Hawaiian nuts are created equal. A loophole in our state law allows big companies to import nuts from elsewhere, pack them here and call them “Made in Hawaii”. There is a taste difference.
These nuts are 100% Hawaiian Grown.

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