100% Kona Coffee


Whole bean 100% Kona Coffee Estate Grown in medium or dark roast.

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We ship whole bean, unless you request a specific grind.

Medium Roast
Our medium roast is a brown bean with a dry surface. This roast accentuates the Kona flavor, and is full of body without ever being harsh or bitter. Many say it tastes slightly sweet, with a little kick to it. Preferred by those who like to taste the regional highlights in their coffee. Medium roast is also called “City Plus”. Typically the preferred roast of our East Coast and Midwestern customers.

Dark Roast
Our dark roast is a rich, dark bean with a touch of sheen. The caramelized sugars in a dark roast give it a smooth flavor with a slightly sweet, aftertaste. We keep a light touch on this roast so the Kona varietal shines through.  Surprisingly, this is the smoother of the two roasts. This roast goes well as an after-dinner drink or for those who like to breakfast with an excellently smooth and flavorful cup. This roast is also called “Full City.” Preferred by our West coast and Asian customers or those who enjoy Starbucks or Peets.

What is Estate Coffee?
We only sell coffee grown and processed from our farms. Our Estate coffee is a mix of our bigger  beans, in the arabica class, and carries the Seal of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association for 100% Kona Coffee.

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Medium, Dark


Whole Bean, Extra-Coarse (cold brew) #1, Coarse (French press, percolator) #2, Medium Coarse (Chemex) #3, Medium (most drip machines) #5, Medium Fine (pods, pourovers) #8, Fine (espresso, moka pots) #10, Extra Fine (Turkish) #11

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