Kona Peaberry Coffee


Peaberry is a round bean that accounts for less than 3% of our Kona crop.  The shape and density give it a different flavor than a regular bean.  Peaberry fans describe it as bold and rich.

Typically, coffee has two flat-sided beans inside the fruit. But at the end of every branch, the beans will merge during pollination and a peaberry will form.  They are separated out during the milling process.  In the recent past, they were considered a “defect” because they roast up differently than a flat bean. So millers removed them for consistency.  Now they command a premium price because of their scarcity and flavor.

We roast-to-order on all our Peaberry shipments. This is to ensure you get the freshest cup possible.

Roast your own! Buy green peaberry here.

note: The 5 lb peaberry is out of stock.

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16oz, 5lb

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