Kona Peaberry

$72.00 — $175.00

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Out. More soon!

We’re sorry, roasted peaberry is sold out for the remainder of the season.  Check back in September when our new crop comes in or email us to join the waiting list.  Mahalo!

Peaberry is a round bean that accounts for less than 3% of our Kona crop.  The shape and density give it a different flavor than a regular bean.  Peaberry fans describe it as bold and rich.

Typically, coffee has two flat-sided beans inside the fruit. But at the end of every branch, the beans will merge during pollination and a peaberry will form.  They are separated out during the milling process.  In the recent past, they were considered a “defect” because they roast up differently than a flat bean. So millers removed them for consistency.  Now they command a premium price because of their scarcity and flavor.

We roast-to-order on all our Peaberry shipments, which is why we have a two-pound minimum order. This is to ensure you get the freshest cup possible.

Our green peaberry is here.

note: The 5 lb peaberry is in a bulk bag.