Green Kona Coffee Beans

2016-17 New Crop Kona now shipping!

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We are shipping our 2019-20 new crop right now! 

We sell 100% Kona green coffee for those that wish to roast their own beans.  Our coffee is graded on a gravity table to State of Hawaii certification standards. The table shakes out bean sizes by densities that relate to a screen size. For example, screen 19 means that the bean is larger than a screen hole diameter of 19/64″.  The larger screen sizes typically have a lower number of defects as well.

Extra Fancy (3/25/20 out of stock temporarily) is screen 19, Fancy is screen 18, Number 1 is screen 17, and Peaberry is an oval dense caricoli bean.  We have very limited quantities on Extra Fancy and Peaberry, as these beans are hand-sorted for quality.

Our standard coffee is a wet process, depulped and fermented in the traditional Kona style. For pictures of the process, check out our Facebook page.

Smaller quantities typically ship via USPS flat rate envelopes and boxes.   Sometimes our shopping cart gets the shipping estimate wrong at checkout.  This is because green beans are so much smaller than roasted coffee.  We adjust it on our end and you’ll be charged the lower flat rate price.

Commercial or wholesale quantities available. Select and Prime grades also available. Please contact us directly at 808-989-4883 or via the website form.

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